Where can we buy the best hair? where to find the best hair vendor?

Good question, and lets see the ways of buying wigs!

Where should you buy a wig? There are pros and cons to your various options. You should choose the option that best meets your needs and circumstances:

Online Wig Store


Convenient: You can shop from home at your leisure 24/7.

Largest selection.

Low prices.


You aren’t able to try the wig on before buying.

Tips For Buying a Wig Online:

When buying a wig online, only purchase from authorized resellers that are listed on the wig manufacturer’s website.

Look for shops that offer expert personalized consultations to assist in your purchasing decisions. For example, Joice hairoffers complimentary consultations by phone or email.

Only buy from online wig shops that have a physical address and phone number clearly listed on their website. We highly recommend calling that number to discover who you actually get on the other end of the line.

Check online reviews for the seller from a variety of sources.

We may be biased, but our top choice for buying good wigs online is Joice hair . Reviews can be viewed here. At Joice Hair, we offer free wig consultations from certified wig specialists and an abundance of online wig resources to assist you through the buying process. We have been selling wigs online for over 22 years!

No matter where you buy your wig, reading through our resources is a good idea. You want to be as educated as possible before making a purchasing decision.

Amazon & eBay

Pros: Lowest cost.

Cons: Risk of the products you purchase being knock-offs or used/refurbished. No personalized help in selecting products.

Many of the wig sellers on Amazon and eBay are located in China. You might win the lottery and get really lucky. Or you might not. Be aware that you cannot reliably expect to receive what you see in the product photos. Just because you see the same photo of a Raquel Welch wig that you saw on another website doesn’t mean that you will receive the same wig. 3rd party sellers in China can put up any photo they want until they get caught by the legitimate copyright owner. Which can often take a very long time.

Brick and Mortar Wig Shop

Pros: Wig can be tried on in person and some wig shops are able to adjust or customize the wig for you.

Cons: Higher prices. Smaller cities may not have a wig shop available. Expertise of staff and overall experience can vary greatly. Selections will vary greatly. There can be high pressure sales to buy and pushes to upsell.

Beauty Supply Store

Pros: May be available in locations that are too small to have wig shops.

Cons: Lower selection. Very little help is provided by staff in selection. Quality may be lower than other options although some will carry name brands. You may not be able to try the wig on.

Hair Stylist: Buy Wigs from Your Hair Stylist

Pros: Your hair stylist knows your hair and can help you select a color and style.

Cons: Higher prices. Your stylist will probably order through a catalog so you won’t be able to try the wig on. Stylists often buy their wigs through online companies for their clients. Clients then pick them up at the salon a week or two later. You can save money by ordering the product directly yourself.

Wig Buying Guide

Before you attempt to buy a wig, we recommend checking out this comprehensive wig buying guide so that you are armed with the information you need to make an informed decision.

The 3 Main Types of Wigs

Regardless of where you buy your wig, it’s a good idea to have a basic understanding of the types of wigs. To learn more about cap construction, visit this “types of wigs” guide. Here are your three fiber options:

Human Hair wigs

Many first time wig buyers are interested in human hair wigs because they assume that they will look and feel the most natural. It’s actually hard to tell the difference between a human hair wig and a high-quality synthetic wig, but both have their benefits. Real hair wigs can last a long time (a year or more) with the proper care, but can be difficult to manage for inexperienced wig wearers.

Like natural hair, these wigs are sensitive to weather conditions and breakage so they require extra maintenance. Without natural scalp oils to condition the wig hair, you need to deep condition and moisturize regularly to preserve the quality and also restyle it.

If you’re up for a little extra TLC for your wig, the human hair option can definitely be worth it! Browse our selection of human hair wigs in a large variety of colors, lengths, and styles.

Synthetic Hair

Synthetic wigs can be a great option for low maintenance, natural-looking hair, but the key is finding a QUALITY synthetic hair piece.

One of the advantages of synthetic hair is that it easily retains its shape, making upkeep a breeze. This is especially important if you’re dealing with health issues that make it difficult to keep up with regular maintenance. These wigs usually last 4-6 months with daily wear and proper care. Remember that because they are synthetic, they bounce back to their original style after washing so you have a bit less versatility. Still, synthetic wigs run a little cheaper than real hair wigs that need to be grown by people, so buying multiple wigs in different styles and colors can be affordable. With synthetic hair, you’re not limited to natural colors. If you’re feeling creative it’s easy to try fun looks like pink and purple because synthetic wigs are great for switching it up!

Heat Resistant Synthetic Hair

If you’re a wig expert looking to buy synthetic hair with more versatility, the heat resistant option could be the right choice for you. These wigs are designed to handle heated tools that can be used to restyle your hair. After washing, they will return to their last heat-styled look. Heat resistant synthetic hair is usually less shiny/more realistic than regular synthetic wigs, but only last for a few months. You also have to be careful that the texture of your heat resistant synthetic hair does not deteriorate by avoiding excessive styling and abrasive contact with pillow, headrests, and other materials. These wigs can require advanced style skills to manage, so consider gaining some familiarity with wigs before committing to the heat resistant option.

Where to Buy Affordable, Quality Wigs?

Joice Hair ie. QIngdao Joice Hair Products Co., Ltd offers an amazing selection of human hair wigs to make finding the perfect wig an empowering process. No matter your personal style, hair needs, or budget, our team is dedicated to providing the best wig options for you. With an online store and U.S. and international shipping, buying a wig from home is incredibly convenient.

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