What is difference between HD lace and Transparent and Brown Lace?

What is difference between HD lace and Transparent and Brown Lace?

Transparent lace and brown lace are the common lace in the market right now, transparent lace can also provide a see-through experience and it can be bleached with the color, Brown lace have different colors including light medium and dark brown.

The biggest difference between them is the color, HD lace is more versatile and can be applied to every complexion, if transparent and brown color does not fit you well, you can go for HD lace.

In term of the texture, all 3 are good, HD lace and Brown lace are super soft and transparent lace is bit hard but acceptable. All 3 can let your scalp breathe, no need worry about the ventilating.

Transparent and brown lace have the similar price and HD lace is higher. Because the productivity of HD lace is much lower than transparent lace and brown lace, it can not satisfy the demand so the price is getting high. We believe when the productivity is growing the price of HD lace will go down as well.

Now go back to the first question, which lace to choose? It will all depends on your requirement and complexion, if you already use transparent lace or brown lace, and it fit you well you can continue with it. If you are looking for better look and has enough budget, you can go for HD lace.

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