How to find the best wholesale hair vendor? How to start virgin hair business?

There are so many wholesale hair vendors or wholesale hair supplier in the market, what we need to do to find the best hair vendor , and how to start virgin hair business. In this post we will share the method to find best wholesale hair vendor and steps to take to start a virgin hair business.

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How to find the best hair vendor

Maybe you are starting your entrepreneurship, and you are looking for the profession which you like and promising too. If you are into the hair business, congratulations! As hair business is growing fast year by year and will continuously growing in the future. As reported, the hair extension and wigs industry will grow to $10 billion value in next 3 years.

Now you’ve decided your industry, apart from making your marketing strategy, finding a trusted and reliable or the best hair vendor which can supply you high quality hair and build a long-term relationship will be on the top of your list.

There are tons of wholesale hair supplier in the market, and not to scary you but most are unreliable or bad hair vendors. But do not fear and let us analyze what is needed for a good hair vendor, and what we need to do to find the best hair vendor for your hair business.

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How we can tell a hair vendor to be a good one?

Quality of the Hair

A good human hair will put quality control as their priority, many hair business newbies get scammed by hair vendor who sell good hair on sample order and drop the quality down for the later orders.

Quality means all in human hair industry and you must try the hair first when you get the new hair vendor, if your virgin hair supplier is selling low-quality bundles which get shedding too much, tangling a lot, you must leave it and find a new one.

The price of the hair

Try different hair vendors’ sample, always prefer the one which is lower price for the same quality hair. And pay attention to the stability of their price, some hair vendors change their price frequently, that is not a good sign for long-term business relationship.

Honesty on the hair quality

As we know there are many types of hair in the market, non-remy hair, remy hair, virgin hair, raw hair, every vendor may name their hair in different ways or different grade like 7A, 8A 9A, but it’s important for you to take what is their definition of hair and what exactly hair they are selling to you. Usually we know virgin hair is the best human hair which is raw and unprocessed, you will find that there are many virgin hair vendors online shops. With high-quality virgin human hair, you can style it, color it, perm it with anyways like your own natural hair. Getting the right quality hair for your business is the key to success.

After sale service of the hair vendor

No need to detail much about that, after sale service is important not only in hair extension business but in all types of business.

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So now we know what a good hair vendor needs to be, so how to find the good or best wholesale hair vendor for our hair business? Let’s find best hair vendor step by step!

Confirm your hair business planning

What type of business do you want for yourself? You want a small hair retailer, or boutique-style retailer, or a local hair wholesaler? If you want to be a major hair wholesale dealer, you need to spend more time to find virgin hair suppliers. You should choose a vendor that has enough products to keep up with your demands if you plan to sell a lot of hair as a big hair dealer.

Advantage of being a big hair dealer is you have more room to negotiate prices when placing large orders for wholesale virgin hair bundles. With that said, as a new business you should still start with small minimums to ensure the hair is good quality. If you plan to place large wholesale orders in the future, make sure the supplier can keep up with you before moving forward. This will save you from having to start your search from scratch as your business grows.

Some hair vendors offer flexible options for both large and small hair business type. The bottom line? Choose a human virgin supplier that’s compatible with you.

Just start your research for good hair vendor.

Do not focus only on Alibaba or Aliexpress, on these platforms there are too many bad vendors mixed. Do a Google search, bookmark your favorites, and read reviews; pay attention to the quality of the information on the seller’s website. If they seem very knowledgeable, they have clearly invested more time into perfecting their business, and you need invest more time to them as well, because it mean they take hair business and industry seriously. The best quality of human hair always come from suppliers who know the hair well, and do not trust these websites filled with celebrity pictures, most of time it means these hair vendors do not care about portrait right and not even spend time to make their only photo.

Using accurate research with targeted terms for hair business

Using targeted search terms can screen out low-quality hair vendor. Search for something industry specific, like “cuticle aligned hair”, “double drawn hair” “remy hair”. This will cut the search results down to a list of professional suppliers who know industry terms. then we can contact these hair suppliers who are more profession and go to deep questions, like Where is the hair from? Do they manufacture it themselves? If they say something that sounds too good to be true at a bargain price, you must be aware of it can be a red flag.


You should trust our vendor so that you should feel confident when you place an order. Shoot them an email or get them on the phone, if they speak English and are willing to chat by phone, Skype or video chat is a good option.

You can learn a lot by how timely, personable, and willing to work with a new, growing business each vendor is pretty quickly after a few emails. Your business has unique needs to consider. You should also get a sense of lead time once you email a few of the vendors on your shortlist. If you see any red flags like non-responsive sellers, shoddy websites, or vendors who promise more than seems possible, you may have to move on to someone else even if the prices are good. It can save you a lot of trouble in the future, so you won’t face the hard time of missed orders, or not getting the hair products or quality of hair you selected.

Don’t take a gamble on the cheapest hair vendor. You need to be focused on sourcing high-quality hair, not finding the seller with lowest price. Anyone can do that, but you need to be a cut above the rest to make your business successful.

Get the policy of the hair vendor

Is there guarantee of hair? What are their terms of sales and aftersales? Suppliers with the best wholesale hair bundles will have all this information displayed on their website. If information is missing like return and exchanges policy, shipping times policy, aftersales policy, you may need to look for next hair vendor.


Do they offer samples? If you’re hesitant to place a bulk order sight unseen, that is a perfectly reasonable request. Ask the vendor to mail you samples of both straight and wavy hair. Sew the hair on yourself or a friend, play around with it, dye it, lighten it, wash it, heat style it. Pay attention to how well it holds up. Samples are a great way to get a sense for the quality. If you’re happy with the sample, place a small order (just enough to meet the seller’s MOQ) to make sure the sample pieces aren’t a bait and switch. If the quality is the same as the sample, you will feel more confident placing a larger order.


Paypal helps small business owners to make confident transactions! PayPal offers better security by protecting your credit card information. They also have a dispute resolution process if the hair is significantly not as described. Some countries are behind the curve and newer to the PayPal trend. Many Hair vendors accept PayPal these days. Western Union, Wire Transfer, MoneyGram are also available, but PayPal is preferred.

Another very important tip is to have budget for losses. In the search for quality virgin hair, you need to spend time and money. Not every supplier is going to work out, and it may take a few small orders to pick up the best hair vendor for yourself. Determine your budget, and understand that you may lose a little money here and there in the process of starting your hair business. It will all be worthwhile it once you find a great wholesale hair vendor that you can develop a long, trusting relationship with.

In conclusion, Hair business is a very promising industry, but it requires a good planning for finding the best hair vendor and making the good marketing strategy, If you looking for a reliable WHOLESALE VIRGIN HAIR vendor, no matter you are newbie in the hair business or a hair stylist, hair store owner or you are doing virgin hair online business, Joice Hair will be always at service for you.

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  1. Hello, I am considered a newbie. However, I would like to start small selling hair with the potential of growth. I understand a lot. I would like to first start a few samples. The main thing that is important to me is the quality. How do I go about getting samples of the different types of hair for example. remy, virgin, non-remy.

  2. Hello, my name is Ranesha Wright. I am a popular hairstylist located ,Toronto,Canada. I have gotten many requests from clients regarding, suppling hair. I have been doing research for 7 months assuring i know everything i need to know about hair,Whole sale vendors etc.
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