Where to buy Raw Hair Bulk Hair?

What Is Bulk Hair

Bulk hair (loose hair)has no weft or any other external attachments or applications,Bulk hair is for clients who prefer to make their own hair extensions(eg.tape in hair extensions , clip in hair extensions , tips extensions  and ex ) Bulk hair also purchased by hair factories ,hair salons use bulk hair to make wig ,haid tied weft bundles,lace closures or produce extensions for clients ,

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Single Drawn Bulk Hair

Single drawn Bulk hair has both long and short hair in the same bundle, is the standard thickness and demands of most customers,is a very popular choice for hair extensions user ,single drawn bulk hair retains natural state of the end of the hair, in single drawn bulk hair ,about 70% hair will be full length hair ,the rest will be varied length hair.

For example ,if you order 16 inches single drawn bulk hair, around 70% of the hairs are measure approx 16 inches or little bit more with the additional 30% comprising of a combination of lengths which are likely to be between 12-14” in length. This means that the hair will be thick at the top of the bundle and then taper off slightly towards the end.but this doesn’t mean single drawn bulk hair are not good ,as we all know ,when hair naturally grows from our scalp,each of our hair will have different growth rate,  so natural grow hair will also be thick at the top and tapers off towards the bottom.

Single drawn bulk hair is often cheaper than double drawn bulk hair,its perfect for the client who are looking for a natural finish hair .

Double Drawn Bulk Hair

Double Drawn Bulk Hair has less short hair strands in it, therefore the end of the hair is thicker.This means that if you were to purchase 16 inches hair extensions the hair would be thick from root to tips as the majority of hair (around 90-95%) within the bundle would measure the full 16 inches.

If you want to add more volume and glamour ,Double drawn bulk hair is a great choice for you.

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Donor Hair Bulk

This is human hair direct cut from one donor , Donor hair Bulk have most neutral thickness and is very easy to bleach into even the lightest color..

Joice Hair Bulk Hair Extensions

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