what kind of wigs has most natural look?

hi, there are many material to make wigs, synthetic fiber and human hair, also human hair includes non-remy hair and remy hair,

if you wanna a most natural looking wig, then absolutely choose the virign hair wig.

lets see what is virgin hair and remy hair.

Virgin Hair: hair harvest from human without Any Chemical Treatment, The Hair Squama Are Completely Preserved, With Stronger Vitality, Longer Usage Time, Easier To Shape, And Easier To Bleach And Dye.

Remy Hair: On The Basis Of Retaining The Hair Cuticle, We Use A Special Process To Make All The Hairs Consistent In The Head And Tail, Which Can Make The Hair Silkier And Lower The Tangle Probability.

so compared with remy or non-remy hair, virgin hair is without any processing. so it’s exact raw human hair with cuticle.

of course virgin hair also has different origins, indian, chinese, brazilian, slavic, russian, so if you depends on what kinds of texture and color you wanna, if you wanna straight and black, then you can choose chinese hair, if you wanna blondes, you can go for russian hair.

here is a human hair wig factory you can check it out and get great quality wigs from them.

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