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  • What type of hair Joice Hair sells?

We have Remy Hair(Slighted processed hair, cuticle aligned, origin: Southeast Asia and India), Raw Virgin Hair (Unprocessed hair, cuticle aligned, origin: China). You can check the video for the difference between Raw virgin Hair and Remy hair.

  • Raw virgin hair and Remy Hair, which one is better? Which one should i choose to Resell for Personal use?

Joice Hair use only quality hair material, no matter remy hair or raw virgin hair, both are great quality. If you are looking for hair for business use, Joice Hair products will help you to gain reputation, clients loyalty and high end image.

Joice Hair remy hair will be able to satisfy almost all your clients, it is durable, soft and silky, can curl well and color well. if you clients are highend and looking for luxury series, you can take the raw hair, Joice Hair raw virgin chinese hair series is the best hair that available in the hair business, it will help you to create high end image.

Usually for perosnal use, the remy hair is great enough and more affordable, it can last for 1 to 3 year with maintenance; Raw virgin hair is luxury and can last 5 years or lifetime with care.

  • Can your hair be bleached? How light it can be bleached to?

All our hair can be dyed or bleached. Remy hair can be bleached to color #27, Virgin hair can be bleached to color #613 and color #60

  • What is difference between Remy A+ and A?

Remy A+ and A are made of same quality remy hair, A is regular full remy hair bundle, A+ is super full remy hair bundle.

  • How Joice Hair maintains the quality in such a large quantity.

We control the quality from the source to the final parcel. We have sourcing team which have more than 30 years’ experience in sourcing hair, make sure only quality hair will be manufactured in the factory, and we have a strict manufacturing process in hygiene workshop. Every finished product before placed in the warehouse will be tested by quality check department for quality, weight, length and hygiene, make sure all warehouse products strictly follow our high standard. After receiving order, the processing team will check the hair again before shipping package. Make sure each piece of hair from Joice Hair reaches the high quality standard.

  • What is Joice Hair turnaround and processing time after placing order?

Usually the stock products will be shipped same day or next day. Customized order will be taken 1-3 days usually. Actual situation shall prevail.

  • What Courier Joice Hair work with? How long is the shipping frame?

We ship worldwide, with Fedex, DHL. Usually it will take 3-5 days to reach US, and 4-7 days to reach everywhere else of the world.

  • What payment method Joice hair accept?

We accept Paypal, Western Union, Wire Transfer. You can process payment on our website with paypal, if you need our Banking information or Western Union informaiton, you can either contact our customer service by email or whatsapp.

  • How do I take sample?

You can directly purchase sample on https://www.joicehair.com/hair-samples/

  • Can Joice Hair do drop shipping?

We can offer drop shipping service. If require personal package or logo, you can share us the logo and design, we will do packaging service.

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