Difference between Yaki Texture And Light Yaki Texture

What is Yaki Hair Texture?

Yaki Texture hair we can see it as textured straight hair. It is a very realistic hair texture that is suited for women that are transitioning to natural. it appears to have crimps similar to those that appear at the roots of natural hair. The crimps gradually become less apparent as you reach the ends of the hair to emulate the look of the transition from relaxed to natural hair. It can also be flat ironed to give a textured straight look. Even when it is flat ironed it looks very realistic.

What is Light Yaki Texture?

Light yaki has a lightly textured yaki, Which means you can still have a sleek look but with a little texture. it is a perfect match for freshly relaxed African American hair. Light yaki will give you the best of both worlds; sleek and textured.

Difference between Yaki Texture And Light Yaki Texture

How to Choose Yaki Texture or Light Yaki Texture?

when choosing between the two it is depends on whether you want a little texture or a lot of texture. It also depends on if you want a texture that matches your own for a realistic looking install.

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